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Road-trip around Southern Albania

Southern-2BAlbania-2Broad-2BtripAlmost there… Road Trip southern Albania! :)

Even if I had to downsize further my road-trip itinerary around Albania, I am pretty satisfied with my 13-day travel plan, which will include unspoiled beaches, industrial heritage, canyons, lakes, mountains, natural parks, historic towns, UNESCO world sites and, of course, a lot of traditional food! :)


I did my home-works and worked on a travel plan (which, as usual, I will be happy to turn upside-down according to the mood of the road-trip…) and I think that more or less our itinerary is going to be:

  • rent a car at Tirana Airport and go straight to Himare; we will spend a few days in Himare visiting also nearby beaches such as Jala, Dhermi, Borsh, Porto Palermo, Qeparo and Vuno;
  • spend a few more nights in Sarande (and eventually visit Ksamil and Butrint)
    going to Gijrokaster via the Syri i Kalter;
  • spend a few nights in Permet and visit nearby villages and unspoiled nature: Petran, Fir of Hotova National Park, Canyon Osum, Benje (thermal spring), Leuse, Erseke and Kelcyre;
  • spend a few more nights in Korce to visit nearby Tushemisht, Pogratec, Dardhe, Lin, Voskopoja and Zaroshka;
  • going to Berat, via Elbasan;
  • back in Tirana.

This is more or less the itinerary we plan to do; if you have any advice leave your suggestions in the comment area below, thanks! :)

I won’t be blogging while on the road, but you can follow my adventure on Facebook and on Twitter;┬álet’s keep in touch! :)


PEEK THROUGH | Curious to see how this road trip through Southern Albania turned out? Watch my video “My 13-days road-trip around Albania…in 130 seconds

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