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When in Rome, you might not want to just see the sights like everyone else — you might want to find the hidden gems no one outside of the city knows about. And that’s where I come in. 

Discover Rome Street Art and More Hidden Gems in Rome

Since 2011, I’ve been writing about the Rome you won’t find in the guidebooks. Now I want to do more, become your Rome local guide, and show you the real city, from a local’s perspective, through private walking tours in Rome focused on street art, food, off-the-beaten-path spots, and everything urban.

As you might have noticed reading my Rome Urban Travel Blog, I can get easily bored of the routine. Therefore, my favorite tours are those tailor-made to your interests and passions. 

Drop me a line (blocal.writeme [at] gmail.com) to let me know what you are into and let’s plan your personalized tour in Rome together!

Rome Street Art Tour Expert
Wendy WernethWendy Werneth
10:31 20 Feb 23
My husband and I had a wonderful day exploring street art in Rome with Giulia. We both know the city very well, as we lived there on an off for years and used to work there as tour guides ourselves, but this was a completely different kind of tour from any others that we've taken or given in Rome. Giulia helped us see our favourite city in the world through new eyes and appreciate it even more from a different perspective.
Gilead AmirGilead Amir
09:29 10 Feb 23
Dear Giulia,Thank you very much for such a beautiful and special tour! We got to know a new and unknown side of Rome. The tour was full of exciting street art, and you introduced so well Garbatella and Tor Marancia!We will certainly recommend your tour to friends travelling to Rome.Judith and Gilead
My friend and I were very lucky to join Giulia on a tour of MAAM just outside of Rome. MAAM is a very unique place that wouldn’t have been the same adventure without Giulia's guidance and expertise. Communication surrounding the tour & the booking was easy and clear. Giulia is a wonderful guide, she is passionate and knowledge about the history of street art and graffiti culture world wide as a whole. She also gave insight about the artists and techniques they use. She was able to answer all of our questions and offered helpful tips for Rome. Our afternoon trip out to MAAM was something I will never forget! Thanks Giulia! I will be booking other tours with her and or ordering personal itineraries for other European cities on my upcoming city trips!
Red HeadRed Head
17:45 09 Feb 23
I had a lovely as well as an enjoyable 4-hour private tour with Giulia. I saw so many street art pieces and heard many stories about them and about the various neighborhoods that we walked through. I loved every minute of this special tour. We had a lovely morning coffee and muffin before starting our tour and a vegan lunch (one of the best lunches that I have ever eaten). Above all, Giulia was such a lovely lady. I highly recommend this tour. Thank you Giulia!
Amelia MeierAmelia Meier
16:13 09 Feb 23
I reached out to Giulia as I had a day and was interested in a customised tour focusing on Street Art in abandoned buildings further afield. Giulia put together a fantastic itinerary, was extremely reactive at all times, and understood precisely what I wanted, going above and beyond. Spent a great day with her and am already planning next trips with her support. This is well beyond a 5-star experience!

Rome Street Art Tours: Itineraries

All tours are private and tailor-made to your interests and passions!

Rome Street Art Tour: The Eastbound Route Walking Tour 

  • 2 hours (2 pax min): 40€ per person
  • 4 hours: 80€ per person

This street art walking tour explores the wonders of Eastern Rome, from the university neighborhood of San Lorenzo to the unique street art collection of the MAAM Museum. We will hop on and off the iconic tram 19, enter the squat buildings that are the very last bastion of Rome’s counter-cultural movements, and visit urban art galleries and street artists’ studios.

Giulia Blocal MAAM museo dell'altro e dell'altrove

Each tour is tailor-made, the length is variable and so it’s the itinerary. Over the years, I customized the eastbound route by adding anything from vegan bakeries to radical bookshops, and from vintage shops to unique hidden gems like Rome’s urban lake. 

Rome Street Art Tour: The Southbound Route Walking Tour

  • 2 hours (2 pax min): 40€ per person
  • 4 hours: 80€ per person

This street art walking tour explores the magic of Southern Rome, from the stunning murals in Tor Marancia to artworks hidden inside abandoned factories. We will walk through Rome’s former industrial area and discover how it has changed over the decades.

Street Art Garbatella Detshorore

Each tour is tailor-made, the length is variable and so it’s the itinerary. Over the years, I customized the southbound route by adding anything from vegan restaurants to cemeteries, and photography exhibitions to unique hidden gems like the Centrale Montemartini.

Rome Food Tour: Street Art & Street Food in Rome

3 hours | 100€ per person, tastings included

Street Food Tour Rome Street Art

Let me introduce you to my two favorite things: incredible street art and delicious Roman cuisine. On our journey through Rome, we will be sure to check out the most incredible pieces of street art in the city and also sample many local delicacies such as supplì and pizza. Once we are finished exploring for the day, nothing better than ending it with a Roman craft beer or a glass of Italian wine while I tell you about all the little secret spots in Rome that you shouldn’t miss out on. 

Rome off the beaten path | Walking Tour

  • 2 hours (2 pax min): 40€ per person
  • 4 hours: 80€ per person

Explore Rome off the beaten path! Let me guide you to the hidden spots that locals know and love. Together we will customize your trip to fit your interests, so tell me what kind of experiences you want out of this vacation and I’ll show you a side of Rome unlike anything else.

Get ready for an adventure like never before!


Explore Rome with a local: me. 

I’m a writer who is specialised in street art and graffiti. Since 2011, I have run the independent street art blog BLocal, which has been the media partner of important street art festivals around Europe. I create content for creative enterprises and museums, and my writing was published in street art catalogs and art publications.

I’ve been following Rome’s graffiti and street art scene ever since I was a child in the 1990s. Over the past decade, my interest has only grown as my career has evolved around urban art. From artist manager to gallery assistant, press office to researcher; most recently working as the Communication and Content Manager of Amsterdam’s STRAAT museum, this field has been an integral part of my life.

Showing you the city through my eyes is what I’m most passionate about.

Giulia Blocal urban tour guide

Drop me a line (blocal.writeme [at] gmail.com) to let me know what you are into and let’s plan your genuine experience in Rome together!