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Trip to Sarajevo: my travel plan to explore the city in 5 day

Sarajevo in 5 days, Bosnia
Sarajevo in 5 days, Bosnia
I’ve never been to Sarajevo, so last week I’ve been doing my homework to find out what’s interesting to see over there, which are the best places to eat traditional food and how to get to the “soul” of Bosnia & Herzegovina capital town. So far I understood that to get a sense of the spirit enlivening Sarajevo you should visit it adopting the sabur lifestyle; sabur means to live with patience, calmness and hush. So, even if I did draw few itineraries, I guess I will be mostly taking my time slowly drinking Turkish coffee in some traditional place, wandering around timeless alleys from Ottoman or Austro-Hungarian ages, visiting the multitude of Mosques, Synagogues and Churches that made Sarajevo earn the epithet of “Jerusalem of Europe” and enjoying a panoramic view whenever there will be the occasion to (as I read that you will see a new kind of beauty in this city if you admire it from above).

I want to thank all my Bosnian friends for the endless emails and for answering to all my questions.
And, by the way, I’m still open to more suggestions, so don’t be shy and let me know what do you like to do in Sarajevo! :-)

31st of December:
I will arrive at Sarajevo Airport around 3pm. I booked a hotel in Baščaršija, the central neighbourhood with a Turkish atmosphere, so I will start my sightseeing from there, heading towards the Tourist Information Centre to get as many maps and brochures I can! From there I will go visit the Gazi Husrev Bey Mosque and shop at the indoor bazaar. Then, wandering around Baščaršija characteristic alleys, I will reach Željo Restaurant to eat the best ćevapi in town and enjoy more traditional food. At the moment I don’t have any special plans for NYE, so I guess after dinner I will just have a walk to admire the Baščaršija Mosque and the OldOrthodox Church by night and come back to the hotel to write and most of all to rest!

Tourist Information Center (Sarači 58)

The Gazi Husrev-bey Mosque (Sarači 8)
Gazi Husrev Bey’s Market
Željo Restaurant (Kundurdžiluk 17)
Baščaršija Mosque (Bravadžiluk)
Old Orthodox Church (Mula Mustafa Bašeskije)

Sarajevo in 5 days, Bosnia
Sarajevo in 5 days, Bosnia

1st of January:
I expect many places to be closed for holiday, thus on 1st of January I will go to public places, graffiti areas and buildings I’m interested to see only from the outside. I will start the day with a coffee at legendary Zlatna Ribica (or -if it’s closed- I will go at the panoramic cafeteria at the last floor of the Hotel Hecco Deluxe), then I will go graffiti hunting around the Youth Theatre and I will walk along Maršala Tita Street until the Alipašina Mosque, stopping to admire the National Bank building, the The Building of the BiH Presidency, the Eternal Flame and to drink a coffee at the Austro-Hungarian cafeteria Imperijal. I will look for more graffiti at the HastaHana Skate Park and reach the river from where I will start a panoramic walk admiring Sarajevo bridges, but not before drinking one last coffee at the Art Gallery/Café Boris Smoje.

Zlatna Ribica (Kaptol, 5)
Hotel Hecco Deluxe (Ferhadija 2)
The Sarajevo Youth Theatre (Kulovica 8)
The Building of the BiH Presidency (Maršala Tita 16)
National Bank (Maršala Tita, 25)
Ministry of Finance and Eternal Flame (Maršala Tita, 62)
Imperijal (Maršala Tita, 56)
Alipašina Mosque
HastaHana Skate Park
Gallery and Cafeteria Boris Smoje (Radiceva 11)

Sarajevo in 5 days, Bosnia
Sarajevo in 5 days, Bosnia

Festina Lente (designed by three students from the Arts Academy next to the bridge)
Skenderija bridge (supposedly designed by Gustav Eiffel)
Ars Aevi bridge (the one designed and financed by Renzo Piano)
Rimski most
Latinska Cuprija (Latin bridge)
Seher-Cehajina Cuprija
Cozja Cuprija (the Goat’s bridge)

For lunch I will get the best Pita in Sarajevo at the restaurant Buregdzinica Bosna, and then I will admire the nearby beauties of the Austro-Hungarian heritage along the river, first of all the Vijecnica (National Library). After a coffee at the Baghdad Cafè I will walk through Stari Grad (the old town) to see the church Sv. Ante Padovanskog (Franjevacka), the Hadzijska Dzamija and the Careva Dzamija (the Emperor’s Mosque). On the way there is also a cool place for a beer-stop: the amazing wooden pub Pivnica HS close to the Sarajevska Pivara (Bosnian brewing company). And I will say goodbye to this wonderful first day of the year from the panoramic terrace of Park Prinčeva!

Buregdzinica Bosna (Bravadziluk)
Vijecnica (Obala Kulina bana)
Baghdad Cafè (Bazardzani 2)
Sv. Ante Padovanskog (Franjevacka)
Hadzijska Dzamija (Veliki Alifakovac)
Careva Dzamija (Obala Isa Bega Isakovica)
Park Prinčeva (Iza Hrida 7)

Sarajevo in 5 days, Bosnia
Sarajevo in 5 days, Bosnia

2nd of January:
Heading towards the Skenderija neighbourhood, I will get a glimpse of the wonderful interiors of the Ashkenazi Synagogue, of the Glavna Posta and of the Law University, stopping at the Shatro Graffiti Shop to thank them for helping me organizing my graffiti hunt in Sarajevo. Then I guess I will spend the whole day in Skenderija, visiting its many art galleries and art museums. In the evening I will go visit the Jewish Cemetery (the second largest Jewish cemetery in Europe, after the one in Prague –which I found breathtaking!) and admire the sunset from the Vraca Memorial Park.

Ashkenazi Synagogue (Hamdije Kreševljakovića 59)
Shatro Graffiti Shop (Hamdije Kreševljakovića 61)
Galerija Paleta (Hamdije Kreševljakovića 13)
Glavna Posta – General Post Office (Čobanija most)
Pravni Fakultet (Obala Kulina Bana 7)
Academy of Fine Arts (Obala Maka Dizdara 3)
Charlama Depot Art Gallery (Terezije bb – inside the shopping centre)
Contemporary Arts Museum Ars Aevi (Terezije bb)
Gradska galerija Collegium Artisticum (Terezije bb)
Jewish Cemetery (Kovačići)
Vraca Memorial Park

Sarajevo in 5 days, Bosnia
Sarajevo in 5 days, Bosnia

3rd of January:
After a cup of tea at the Tea House “Franz & Sophie”, I will go visit the Bosniak Institute, the Katedrala and the Sephardic Synagogue with its Jewish Museum. Wandering around the fancy neighbourhood of Ferhadija I will find the huge chessboard, the “multicultural man” (a statue to peace) and keep wandering looking for an abandoned synagogue on the hill behind Ferhadija. Then I will go visit the Ortodox Cathedral, check the upcoming events at the Art Cinema Kriterion (maybe there is something interesting for the next days!) and the current exhibitions at the Umjetnicka Galerija (National Gallery). If during the day I’d be hungry, I can grab something to eat at the main city market Markale nearby.

Franz & Sophie (Petrakijina 6)
Bosniak Institute (Mula Mustafe Bašeskije, 21)
Katedrala (Trg Fra Grge Martica 2)
Sephardic Synagogue and Jewish Museum (Mula Mustafe Baseskije 40)
Ortodox Cathedral (Trg Oslobodenja)
Art Cinema Kriterion (Obala Kulina Bana 2)
Umjetnicka Galerija (Zelenih Beretki 8)
Markale (Mula Mustafe Baseskije)

Sarajevo in 5 days, Bosnia
Sarajevo in 5 days, Bosnia

In the afternoon I would like to explore the less touristic neighbourhood of Vratnik: the Arapova Mosque and the Lučevica Mosque, the Kula Ploče Tower and the Širokac Kula Tower, the Kovači martyr’s memorial cemetery and wait for the sunset from the Žuta Tabija (Yellow Bastion), enjoying the amazing view.

Arapova Mosque (Požegina bb)
Lučevica Mosque (Očaktanum 78)
Kula Ploče Tower (Ploča bb)
Širokac Kula Tower
Kovači cemetery (Širokac)
Žuta Tabija (Jekovac)

Sarajevo in 5 days, Bosnia
Sarajevo in 5 days, Bosnia

4th of January:
On the 4th of January I would like to explore the very less touristic districts, starting from the panoramic view from the top of the Avaz Twist Tower, a graffiti hunting in Ciglane (I got a hint saying to look for “elevators”!) and a lunch at the wonderful Avlija Restaurant. In the afternoon I will be wandering around another authentic neighbourhood called Bjelave which is full of very interesting buildings, such as the Consulate of Britain, the Vrhbosnanska Bogoslovija, Svrzo House, the University of Islamic Sciences and the Jahja Paša Mosque. And when I will need to recover from the cold hanging a nice cup of tea I will stop at the Tea House Cajdzmica Dzirlo. For dinner I will be at the famous Kod Kibeta Restaurant.

Avaz Twist Tower (Tešanjska 24)
Ciglane neighbourhood
Avlija Restaurant (Sumbula Avde 27)
Consulate of Britain (Petrakijina 11)
Vrhbosnanska Bogoslovija (Josipa Štadlera)
Svrzo House (Glodzina 8)
University of Islamic Sciences (Cemerlina 54)
Jahja Paša Mosque (Cemerlina bb)
Cajdzmica Dzirlo (Kovaci Cilcma 6)
Kod Kibeta Restaurant (Vrbanjuša 164)

Sarajevo in 5 days, Bosnia
Sarajevo in 5 days, Bosnia

5th of January: 
I like the last day to be open to whatever comes up to my mind while I’ve been discovering Sarajevo day by day. I’m sure there will be many interesting things I will get to know about only once I will be there, so this day is open to further suggestions!

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