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The Berlin Walls: Where to Find Street Art in Berlin

where to find street art in berlin

Everybody seems to think that street art in Berlin is dead and undoubtedly the city isn’t anymore the ultimate destination for graffiti writers and all kinds of artists.

However, Berlin is home to two of the most popular graffiti crews worldwide (1UP and Berlin Kidz), a quirky Museum of Stickers and the art-gallery-turned-street-art-museum Urban Nation Berlin.

Urban Nation is responsible for the majority of urban art in the city, so our Berlin street art tour couldn’t start anywhere else than from their HQs on Bulowstrasse.

[UPDATE 2018: At last, I visited Urban Nation, read more below!]

Street Art in Berlin > Schoneberg and beyond

Berlin street art map Bulowstrasse urban nation

Trust me, it’s way easier if you download my Google map

A formerly blighted area, Bulowstrasse is where I found the best street art in Berlin. I was there in August, thus before the realization of the ‘Art Mile’ for the opening of the Urban Nation Museum, but the area was already packed with street art. On Bulowstrasse itself, I spotted artworks by Martin Whatson, Hyuro, my beloved Fin Dac, Icy and Sot, Cranio, Bailon, Adele Renault & Shoe and Nils Westergard.

Hyuro street art Berlin

Hyuro in Berlin

Icy and Sot street art in Berlin

Icy & Sot in Berlin

Cranio street art in Berlin

Cranio in Berlin

Nils Westergard street art Bulowstrasse Berlin

Nils Westergard in Berlin

The legendary street artist Shepard Fairey painted two large-scale murals in the area: one titled “Israel / Palestine” on Bulowstrasse and a second piece titled “No Future” with a man holding a newspaper on a secondary street.

shepard fairey in Berlin street art

“Israel / Palestine” by Shepard Fairey in Berlin

obey street art in Berlin

“No Future” by Shepard Fairey in Berlin

A bit further, the Portuguese street artist Vhils realized one of his iconic, carved portraits depicting Sven Marquardt, a photographer and the doorman of the nightclub Berghain. It is just one of the four jackhammered portraits he left in Berlin for the project “Go Forth”, which was sponsored by Levi’s.

Vhils in Berlin street art

Vhils in Berlin

Entering the neighbourhood from here, I stumbled upon the colourful holes into the walls by the Polish artist 1010, and then two bright murals facing each other: one by the Brazilian duo Bicicleta Sem Freio and one by the French artist Fafi.

1010 in berlin street art

1010 in Berlin

Bicicleta sem freio street art in Berlin

Bicicleta Sem Freio in Berlin

Fafi urban art in Berlin

Fafi in Berlin

Nearby, there are the comics-based characters by Phlegm, who –here, again- is showing his ability in revamping the most irregular surfaces.

Phlegm street art in Berlin

Phlegm in Berlin

Behind a skate ramp at the entrance of the park, there is a beautiful artwork by the Chinese Qi Xinguha, who did something a bit different from the usual 3D street art he is well known for.

Qi Xinghua in Berlin street art

Qi Xinghua in Berlin

In the northern area of the neighbourhood, there is a collaboration piece by Sokar Uno and El Nasca on the lateral facade of a building that had already been colour-washed by Kera 1.

sokar uno + el nasca + kera1 berlin street art

Sokar Uno + El Nasca + Kera1 in Berlin

The large-scale mural by the English crew Nomad Clan is based on the fact that hundreds of bunnies burrowed underneath the Berlin Wall and moved freely around, unlike Berlin’s human inhabitants.

Nomad Clan street art in Berlin

Nomad Clan in Berlin

Mr Cenz painted his interpretation of Maleficent from the sleeping beauty tale near Potsdamer Platz, the square where I found a piece of the Berlin Wall covered with an iconic character of Thierry Noir, who was the first artist to paint the Wall. He did it to make it stand out like a mutation in the city, not to make it a beautiful piece of public art.

mr cenz mural in berlin street art

Mr. Cenz in Berlin

thierry noir berlin wall painting

Thierry Noir in Berlin

Update 2018 > More murals spotted in this area in 2018

Lots of murals were painted for the opening of the Urban Nation street art museum, and so after I left Berlin. At last, this year I could catch up with them all :) Here are my favorites:

ben slow street art in Berlin

Ben Slow in Berlin

insane51 street art in Berlin

Insane51 in Berlin

Rocketo1 street art in Berlin

Rocketo1 in Berlin

nespoon street art in Berlin

Nespoon in Berlin

street art in Berlin

Bust street art in Berlin

Bust in Berlin

street art in Berlin

Update 2018 > Visiting Urban Nation Museum

At last, I visited Urban Nation, the museum for urban contemporary art. Some of my favorite artists ever have a piece in this collection and, although it is obviously different to see their art on canvas rather than on the streets, they have some really great pieces!

urban nation street art museum Berlin urban nation street art museum Berlin urban nation street art museum Berlin urban nation street art museum Berlin urban nation street art museum Berlin urban nation street art museum Berlin urban nation street art museum Berlin urban nation street art museum Berlin urban nation street art museum Berlin

Street Art in Berlin > Kreuzberg and beyond

Berlin street art map Kreuzberg

Trust me, it’s way easier if you download my Google map

In Kreuzberg, I found the quintessence of Berlin’s graffiti and street art scene, which is made up of many tags, stickers, posters and spontaneous pieces, among which several stencils by the legendary French artist C215.

where to find street art in Berlin C215

C215 in Berlin

This where you can find those squat buildings that are the very last bastion of that subculture that made Berlin the capital of street art and graffiti in the first place. Among these buildings, there is the former squat Tommy Weisbecker Haus, which is named after the 23-year-old anarchist killed by West German police in 1972. This building is covered with two large-scale murals depicting respectively a surreal sky and a pile of TVs showing different sides of contemporary life.

graffiti Berlin Tommy Weisbecker Haus

Just around the corner, I spotted a mural by Jadore Tong (aka S.y.r.u.s.) depicting a colourful elephant playing with a balloon.

s.y.r.u.s. urban art in Berlin

S.Y.R.U.S. in Berlin

More murals are around Mehringplatz: one by the Danish street artist Don John showing a flock of exotic birds flying out of a hoodie’s hood, and a ‘classic Shepard Fairey’ by the legendary street artist.

Don John Street art in Berlin

Don John in Berlin

Shepard Fairey street art in Berlin

Shepard Fairey in Berlin

Both pieces were curated by Urban Nation Berlin, like two more murals nearby: one geometric artwork by the Cryptik Movement and a realistic piece by Onur & Wes21 depicting a shattering apple.

Cryptik street art Berlin

Cryptik Movement in Berlin

Onur and Wes21 street art in Berlin

Onur and Wes21 in Berlin

My beloved Axel Void, who btw had called Berlin home for some time, realized a beautiful piece about man’s striving for power titled “Homo Homini Lupus” (man is a wolf to man).

Axel Void mural in Berlin urban art

Axel Void in Berlin

The Italian Agostino Iacurci painted his iconic, dreamlike characters for the project “We are creative in Puglia”. They face each other’s right where the city used to be split into two parts, representing the meeting of two different yet similar cultures.

Agostino Iacurci mural in berlin street art

Agostino Iacurci in Berlin

Surprisingly enough, “FaceTime” was the first mural that the Berlin-based urban artist duo Various & Gould has ever painted: a patchwork face, which is a collage of many different countenances, mimicking the increasing diversity of the city.

Various and Gould street art in Berlin

Various and Gould in Berlin

The pioneer of the photorealistic street art movement Case Ma’Claim painted one of his recurring subjects –overlaying hands- thus turning a boring wall into one of the most iconic ones in Berlin.

case maclaim street art in berlin

Case in Berlin

Among colourful graffiti hidden inside a parking lot, I spotted the ‘shadow’ of what used to be a mural by Alaniz and a cool ‘rebel Barbie’ piece.

Alaniz graffiti in Berlin guide

Alaniz in Berlin

I tried to enter the abandoned ice factory near the river, which is known for being packed with graffiti, but I couldn’t get in.

graffiti Berlin ice factory

However, the beach bar and reggae club YAAM on the other side of the river is also full of graffiti. Moreover, at the top of the YAAM building, the Portuguese street artist Vhils left another of his “Go Forth” portraits, the one depicting the street artist Gould.

Vhils at YAAM Berlin graffiti

Vhils in Berlin

Another beach bar showing off some great urban art is Sage, where several street artists, among whom Caro Pepe, Nelio, Kid Crash and Low Bros, have left their signs.

Nelio street art in Berlin

Nelio + Kid Crash + Low Bros in Berlin

As you might already know, BLU blackwashed his murals in Berlin to bewail against gentrification. However, two murals are still visible, and they are both in this area. The first depicts the Berlin Wall turned into a wall made of 100€ bills and the second is a pink monster composed by tiny naked men holding each other in fear, who is eating the only individual man standing out from the crowd.

BLU mural in Berlin graffiti

BLU in Berlin

BLU street art in Berlin

BLU in Berlin

The Brazilian twins Os Gemeos brought to Kreuzberg one of their iconic yellow characters, while next to it there is a sketchy mural by Berlin-born artist Nomad.

Os Gemeos street art in Berlin

Os Gemeos in Berlin

Nomad mural in Berlin street art

Nomad in Berlin

A blind facade outside the metro station has been covered by ROA’s black-and-white animals and, just a few steps away, there is one of the most iconic pieces of street art in Berlin: the astronaut by Victor Ash, the homage to David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”.

ROA in Berlin street art

ROA in Berlin

Victor Ash astronaut street art in berlin

Victor Ash in Berlin

Nearby, the French artist MTO spray-painted a polyptych on four shutters depicting a hyper-realistic Jack Nicholson (Shining mood on).

MTO in Berlin street art

MTO in Berlin

Street Art in Berlin > Friedrichshain and beyond

Berlin street art map Friedrichshain

Trust me, it’s way easier if you download my Google map

Entering Friedrichshain from the overpass, don’t forget to look down to the railways where -hidden behind some trees- I spotted an early piece by the Israeli psych-pop crew Broken Fingaz.

Broken Fingaz in Berlin street art

Broken Fingaz in Berlin

After checking out the red-and-white large-scale mural by One Truth Graffiti, I went to what became one of my favourite spots in Berlin: RAW-Gelande, a former train repair station turned into subcultural compounds, whose derelict buildings are covered with graffiti and street art. One of those buildings hosts Urban Spree, an artistic space where, among an exhibition space and artistic residencies, craft beers and a tattoo parlour, there are ‘rotational walls’ and some long-term street art pieces, such as the beautiful toucan by my beloved Bordalo II.

Bordalo II street art urban spree berlin

Bordalo II in Berlin

Wandering around RAW-Gelande, I found lots more; my favourite was a classic WRDSMTH in the courtyard of the club Cassiopeia.

wrdsmth street art in Berlin

WRDSMTH in Berlin

The South African Ricky Lee Gordon painted a horse half submerged by water to address the theme of climate changes –but with the hope that nature will survive an apocalyptic scenario. Rather than a mural, the piece looks like a classical painting or even an old photography. The depth is given by the perspective, and the ‘aliveness’ given by the water and the doves in flight is mesmerizing.

Ricky Lee Gordon Berlin street art

Ricky Lee Gordon in Berlin

Titled ‘Attack of the 50 Foot Socialite’, the mural by the LA street artist Tristan Eaton is a colourful reinterpretation of the poster of Nathan Juran’s sci-fi movie.

Tristan Eaton mural in Berlin street art

Tristan Eaton in Berlin

The Herakut duo depicted two kids with a woman, whose clothes are adorned by a quote by Martin Luther that has been translated into 20 different languages as a tribute to Berlin’s multiculturalism.

Herakut in Berlin urban art

Herakut in Berlin

Street Art in Berlin > Mitte and beyond

Berlin street art map Mitte

Trust me, it’s way easier if you download my google map

Let’s begin from yet another mural by the Belgian street artist ROA, who chooses his subjects among the local fauna, therefore depicting large-scale black-and-white animals that are often perceived as ‘dirty’, but with whom we co-exist inside our towns.

ROA street art in Berlin

ROA in Berlin

A bit farther on Schonhauser Allee, Askew One painted a girl with neon colours on a bright blue background.

askew street art in berlin

Askew One in Berlin

French street artist JR brought his extensive project “Wrinkles of the City” to Berlin in 2013. From photos of old local people, he made large-scale paste-ups on walls that have a ‘wrinklish’ texture.

JR in Berlin street art

JR in Berlin

Finally, in the actual Mitte area, I entered that maze of fancy courtyards that is Hackescher Hofe where, in between trendy boutiques and dozens of tourists, several international street artists have left their signs, among whom Ericailcane, Caro Pepe, Dede, JimmyC and Gregos.

Ericailcane mural in Berlin street art

Ericailcane in Berlin

caro pepe street art in berlin

Caro Pepe in Berlin

At the Berlin Wall Memorial, there is a realistic mural depicting a steak sliced by a knife that is engraved with ‘Berlin 1961 – 1989’. It was realized by Markus Haas, who won the mural contest “If walls could talk” with this powerful metaphor of the separation of the two part of the city.

Markus Haas mural in Berlin

Markus Haas in Berlin

The second paste-up from JR’s “Wrinkles of the City” that I had found is at the Technical University of Berlin; the only part still visible is the eye, which however is always the best feature of JR’s characters.

JR mural in Berlin street art

JR in Berlin

At Wedding neighbourhood, the American duo JBAK painted the pop countenance of a woman on a wall overlooking a tiny cemetery.

JBAK Berlin street art guide

JBAK in Berlin

Street Art in Berlin > Art Park Tegel

Berlin street art map Tegel

Trust me, it’s way easier if you download my Google map

This urban art project, which was curated by Urban Nation, is made up of just a few large-scale murals, but by some of my favourite street artists ever!

The Australian Fintan Magee was inspired by a children’s book by Michal Foreman, where he found the story of a couple separated by war, with a baby representing their hope for what future holds.

Fintan Magee street art in Berlin

Fintan Magee in Berlin

Borondo’s piece, which is about immigration, is so dark and controversial that had risked being removed, but luckily it is still there! It depicted a girl with a sad face and covered with blood facing an eerie forest. In the forest, there is a man tied to a tree and pierced by a bunch of arrows.

Borondo in Berlin mural

Borondo in Berlin

At the top of the intricate composition by the twin Spanish brothers How and Nosm we can notice the ‘eye of destiny’, while Pixelpancho’s humanoids are occupying the space mirroring each other’s upside-down.

Hownosm mural in Berlin

How & Nosm in Berlin

Pixelpancho Street Art in Berlin

Pixelpancho in Berlin

The Dutch duo made up of Collin Van Der Sluijs and Super A. painted a blue feathered bird that, despite the simplicity of the subject, is full of impressive details, while the Amsterdam-based group The London Police expressed the importance of teamwork and human and robot working together. They did so by painting their iconic stick figures, which always make me smile.

Collin Van Der Sluijs + Super A tegel street art in Berlin

Collin Van Der Sluijs + Super A in Berlin

the london police in Berlin Street Art

The London Police in Berlin

Street Art in Berlin > Teufelsberg: the abandoned listening station covered with graffiti

Atop a hill made after WW2 of all the debris from West Berlin, there is a former NSA listening station. The US units began operations in 1961; in the 1990s the former station was about to be turned into hotels and apartments, but it never did and had since then been abandoned.

Teufelsberg abandoned place graffiti in Berlin Teufelsberg abandoned place graffiti in Berlin Teufelsberg abandoned place graffiti in Berlin

Likewise many other neglected places, it became a must-go for local and international graffiti writers and street artists, to the point that today you need to “pay a ticket” (15€) to the guy who has turned the space into a graffiti art museum.

Teufelsberg abandoned place graffiti in Berlin Teufelsberg abandoned place graffiti in Berlin Teufelsberg abandoned place graffiti in Berlin

Many well-known street artists and graffiti crews have painted there: wandering around its empty warehouses while climbing my way up to Teufelsberg’s pierced dome, I stumbled upon hundreds of different murals.

Teufelsberg abandoned place graffiti in Berlin Teufelsberg abandoned place graffiti in Berlin Teufelsberg abandoned place graffiti in Berlin

The ‘turnover’ is fast since there is always some artist at work. Moreover, the latest edition of the legendary urban art festival Stilbruch took place here.

Teufelsberg abandoned place graffiti in Berlin Teufelsberg abandoned place graffiti in Berlin Teufelsberg abandoned place graffiti in Berlin


Find these murals and many more cool things to see in Berlin in my Berlin Google Map!


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