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Balkans on the road: road trip through Croatia

A 5-day road-trip through Croatia: here is the second part of my road-trip through Balkans (at least, the planned itinerary). Check also the Slovenian itinerary here.

Arriving in Zagreb:

Drink a beer with two local Couchsurfers and enjoy the town with them.

Graffiti hunting: looking for Lonac’s artworks

Day 6: Inner Croatia
Visiting the Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art
Visiting the Natural Park of Plitvice Lakes
From Zagreb to the Natural Park of Plitvice Lakes: road E71 + D1 – 135km
Evening in Zadar
From the Natural Park of Plitvice Lakes to Zadar: road D1 + E71 – 140km
Sunset in Zadar: (sunsets in Zadar are accompanied by the complimentary sound-and-light effects of the famous Greeting to the Sun and Sea Organ art installations)
Day 7: The Dalmatian Coast
Driving along the Dalmatian Coast stopping often to enjoy the seaside
From Zadar to Split: road E71 – 160km
Lunch in Skradin, the Croatian cuisine Mecca
Visiting the archaeological site in Solin
Drink a beer with a local Couchsurfer and enjoy Split with her
Graffiti hunting: looking for Morka’s artworks
Day 8: a whole day on the Brac Island
Take the first ferry from Split to Supetar
Relaxing on  the beach and enjoying Brac nightlife
Day 9: back on the Croatian Coast, as far as Dubrovnik
Take the ferry from Sumartin to Makarska
Driving from Makarska to Dubrovnik stopping often to enjoy the seaside
road D8 – 160km
Walking along Dubrovnik ancient walls

(if we will have time, depending on the ferry boarding procedure): Enjoy the sunset from Park Orsula

Take the night ferry to Bari (Italy)SalvaSalva


Do you wish for a more alternative road-trip of Croatia?

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