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Lately I’ve been spending my days off mostly on the bed watching some tv shows, calling my friends to catch up and imagining how to home-shape the new flat where I moved almost one month ago. After all, it was too hot to have a walk outside, even if I can’t wait to discover each and every corner of my new neighborhood!

But since the beginning of August it became too hot to stay at home too, thus I’ve organized an escape to the lake to get some fresh air. And so last wednesday after our work shift we escaped, heading towards my grandparents’ country house in Nepi, near Viterbo. We had a (very quick) walk across the village (even there, at 5 pm, it was too hot to go sightseeing!), then we spent the first evening knitting with my grandmother at the sunset and then, after a fabulous dinner with vegetables from my grandfather’s garden, we watched out for falling stars.
The day after we went to the lake Vico, where we found the perfect peaceful spot to enjoy our day reading, swimming, sleeping and having a tour with an orange pedalo, which has always been the best memory of my childhood at the lake. The cherry on the top was having lunch at the amazing restaurant on the pier, whose menu surprisingly featured all unusual dishes we were just wishing to taste. So bad it lasted only 1 day!

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