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Thank you 2018, you have been amazing

It’s the last day of the year and since I’m not posting a vlog tomorrow (as I did every 1st of the month for one year) (although I did post my first vlogmas from Rome) I thought it could be nice to catch up here, on the blog, like in the old times ☺

(2019 Spoiler Alert: most of my blogging resolutions imply doing things like in the old times… call me old fashioned, but I’m tired of social networks: I want to put them on a side and focus on writing)

Santa already knew that

2018 has been unexpectedly amazing: I’ve travelled to many street art festivals (Crystal Ship, Nuart Aberdeen, FATE Festival, Urban Vision, Upfest), which -after years of blogging- feel more like family reunions, and witnessed many more murals coming to life (My Dog Sighs’ in Rome, Ammar Abo Bakr’s in Amsterdam, Lucy McLauchlan’s in Rome, Jaune’s in Gaeta, Peeta’s in Montesilvano and Feo Flip’s in Eindhoven).
Nuart Aberdeen

At the traditional afterNuart bowling night

Thinking about my street art memories from 2018, a special mention goes to IBUG Festival: this second year of media-partnership has been even cooler than the first one and I can’t wait to meet my IBUG Family once again in yet another abandoned factory in 2019.
Ibug festival

The Ibug Family, in one picture

And then, Amsterdam happened.
These first months in Amsterdam have been overwhelming, which is why I still haven’t shared too much on the blog. To be more precise: I haven’t shared anything.
I’ve always put quality over quantity, and my Amsterdam Diaries are no exception. I’m working on a format that highlights what makes Amsterdam special through focuses on Amsterdam’s weirdest people… stay tuned!
(2019 Spoiler Alert #2: more blogging resolutions are about experimenting with new formats and odd topics… Top-10 lists of alternative things to do in a city are terribly boring –to read and, most of all, to write- and I want to spice them up, at the very least… while shifting towards more uncommon formats!).
Last (but not least) reason to thank 2018: I love my new job!
For now, I’m basically focusing on the Street Art Today blog and on the website of the upcoming museum, for which I’m interviewing truly outstanding artists!
street art interviews

Currently in my phone ;)

Although I don’t have (m)any friends yet, the city is treating me well and so I decided that, after many years living all around Europe, I’m here to stay.
Real life is getting real and, for the first time ever, I’m not scared to settle.
Happy New Year from my new home,
Ps. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter! I’m stepping away from social networks in 2019, so the “every 1st of the month” newsletter will be the only (reliable) way to keep in touch!
The best of all the time I wasted on Instagram in 2018
bestnine instagram 2018

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