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The post-travel syndrome: I’m back at the other side…

the post-travel syndrome
The post-travel syndrome is being back in Rome and take the subway in the morning to go to work, not sightseeing. It’s to barely give a glimpse at the street art on my over-beaten way from home to work and to be one of those people to whom visitors ask directions.
I’m back to my arch-enemy Real Life, on the other side of happiness, far away from the adventures of a 10-day trip I’ve just had, the emotions of discovering new places and meeting new people, trying new restaurants or simply be into the Balkans.

I know there is a way to ease the pain, trying to live everyday as a new adventure, after all tripping is a way of life and happiness is a way of travel, not a destination… it actually seems so difficult for me, I’m so used to have breakfast every morning wishing to be everywhere else but here, and going to work wishing to write and travel full-time, not just during holidays, but I wanna have a shoot at doing it, exploring my own town and enjoying everyday for what it is…

Happy New Year folks! 

I Hope this 2014 will bring you many interesting trips and amazing adventures! 

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