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by Giulia Blocal


Lisbon’s muralist history dates back to the 1980s, when, in the post-revolutionary period, the PCTP/MRPP party made several political murals all across the city. Afterward, in the 1990s, North-American-inspired graffiti emerged, driven by a globalized hip-hop culture. When the city began developing a policy of graffiti removal in 2008, the development of a firm policy of commissioned urban art began. 

Since then, Lisbon City Council has pioneered an active role for public art in its drive for urban renewal, so it’s no wonder that the Portuguese capital is more colorful and artsy than other European towns. In the latest years, international street artists have flown to Lisbon’s outskirts to beautify the city’s alleged ghettos, and the number of new large-scale murals is impressive. Moreover, given the strong bond between Brazil and Portugal, the original ‘Pixo’ is widespread throughout the city. 

Best areas to find street art in Lisbon: 

  • The City Center 
  • Marvila
  • Bairro Padre Cruz
  • The Expo Area
  • Quinta do Mocho
  • Amadora
  • Cascais

More off-the-beaten path places to see in Lisbon:

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