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Yes, I’ve been quite busy with the new job, but that’s not the only reason I still didn’t share few lines about my (R)Homecoming. The point is that I still don’t know how do I feel about that… 

(Which is fine, but it doesn’t make it easier to write a blog post about it ;-) ) 
The main feeling I had during the last five months is that I’m living a “New, Old Life”. Yes, I’m back in my hometown and yes, I’m going out with old mates from high school time. I’m even back to my old room at my parents’, since when I discovered that living in a Buddhist Centre at the very heart of Rome was not my thing! (people were wonderful there, though…). 
But the life I live right now is totally different from the previous life I lived here, when I was studying and enjoying around my (embarrassing amount of) free time with friends, when Rome was the only town I knew and not a basis for comparison, when I was so used to its beauties, its wide cultural offer and the nature of its people to don’t realize how much this town was actually spoiling me! There was a time, actually, when Rome meant the whole world to me, and having now (ehm… five months ago…) to come back here I feared to come back to the “absolutism” of that “Rome-state-of-mind”. But reality revealed me that it is impossible to come back to the life I had almost ten years ago!! 
My closest friends were the first ones to show me so: goodbye nights out dancingdrinkinglaughing, now they all do have a 9-7 job to attend, commitments, sometimes boyfriends and/or sons and eventually various things to do with people they met after I left, meaning that I’m back in my hometown but still I do have to create a new social circle from scratch, as it happened to me all those times when I moved to a completely new town, as it happened to me all those times when I started a New Life in a New Town.
Moreover, those times that I finally managed to put back the old gang together for a night out, looking for a place to go happened to be quite tricky ‘cause many restaurants and places I knew from my previous life in Rome had closed meanwhile! [while whole areas that were unknown when I was living here (such as Pigneto, Monti, Garbatella, Ponte Milvio, and more…) gained visibility behind my back ;-) ].   
Again, I need to write a where-to-go-in-town list from scratch, as it happened to me all those times when I started a New Life in a New Town. 
In other words, I found out I need to settle in here too, at least as much as I needed it in all the other New Lives in New Towns (if not more, as it’s easier to settle in when you are starting anew than when you have leftovers from your teenager’s life on your way…).

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