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Bristol Map

by Giulia Blocal

Welcome to the city I once called home!


The quiet hiss of the can as someone sprayed, and the shrill metal clacking as they shook it are the most distinctive sounds in Bristol, a city known more for the graffiti on its streets than for the paintings inside its museums. Hometown of Banksy and of Europe’s biggest urban art festival (UpFest), Bristol is undoubtedly the capital town of graffiti and street art.

Best areas to find street art and graffiti in Bristol:

  • Bedminster
  • Stokes Croft
  • Easton
  • Nelson Street
  • Barton Hill Youth Center

More off-the-beaten-path places to see in Bristol:

  • Graffiti writing in Redcliffe caves (18th century)
  • Bristol’s monumental cemeteries
  • The Spike Island Contemporary Art Gallery
  • Pretty pastel houses in Totterdown area
  • Hunting for unicorns around the city
  • The Glenside Hospital Museum (within the grounds of the old psychiatric hospital)
  • The Greenbank pub
  • The Moor Beer Brewery
  • The Psychopomp Microdistillery
  • The Jamaican restaurant “Rice & Things”

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