As seen on the streets of Barcelona: a street art guide

Barcelona street art guideThey say street art in Barcelona was a big thing until 10 to 15 years ago. That was before the city council began to ‘clean up’ the city by tightening graffiti laws, imposing big fines and white-washing the most colourful areas in town. Later on, a few street art festivals such as ‘The Influencers’ and ‘OpenWall Conference’ claimed some legal walls around the city, while spontaneous street art is essentially reduced to stencil art and pastel art (as in these cases the fine is lower if you are caught). Keep reading →

A round up of Rome’s street art – VOL. 1

Hitnes san basilio roma street art

While I travel and write about amazing street art from all around Europe, there is a lot going on in my hometown too. Honestly, I’ve never thought I couldn’t keep up with Rome’s street art scene, but that’s what happened during this spring, so I’m writing a blogpost collecting what’s new on the streets of Rome, including some older works that I still hadn’t review on this blog. At the end of the article, you will find a list of useful links to previous blogposts about Rome’s street art scene.

Enjoy the reading and the graffiti hunt!

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Metropoliz, Wunderkammern and Via Prenestina’s artistic revenge

street art via Prenestina
Metropoliz, Rome

You should know by now how much I love industrial archaeology: walking through abandoned factories makes me feel as I’ve just survived the apocalypse, while browsing all the machinery (once loud and majestic, now rusty and no longer in use) is my way of meditating on the fleeting substance of life. 

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