Upfest 2016: Interview with Fin Dac

interview with fin dac
We are accused of gentrification so often now, as if it’s our fault” – Fin Dac

As we sat down at what –since then- has become the pub where I had a beer with Fin Dac, my first instinct was to ask him about the unglorious side of street art, a.k.a. gentrification, as his old piece in Rome (Quadraro neighbourhood) was vandalized several times by a “fiercly resistant” local.

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Nuart 2016: interview with Henrik Uldalen

Henrik Uldalen nuart Stavanger

“Nice job you have” he said, lighting up a cigarette while walking towards me.

“Your job is likewise amazing” I replied, pointing to the couple cuddling in the darkness that was taking shape on the long wall of a derelict building in the industrial area of Stavanger.

“Well, I’d loved to be a food critique and eat my way around the world. But I ended up painting.”

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Nuart 2016: interview with Axel Void

interview with Axel Void Nuart 2016I had just thrown myself on the bed when one of Nuart‘s organisers texted that they were having a magic time at the festival’s headquarters, where Axel Void was playing some nice tunes. Without thinking twice, I opened my umbrella and ventured back into the Stavanger night. But, when I arrived at Tou Scene, I only found a bunch of artists scattered lazily around the main room: they looked like they had spent the afternoon painting and were just about to sit down, someone was smoking, someone else was sipping a beer, and all of them were staring at their phones or laptops, including Axel Void, who definitely wasn’t playing any music.

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Raise a glass to Slovenian craft beer makers

Slovenian craft beer

When I was living in Slovenia, the beer scene was made up of merely the two pale, weak, national lagers: Union, brewed in Ljubljana, and Laško, named after the town near Celje where it is produced. As I was from the Celje area as well, I was for the ‘team Laško’, which implied believing in the Slovene saying ‘you drink Laško and you pee Union’.

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Frederico Draw’s first mural in Rome: a tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini

street art Pasolini Roma teatro india Frederico Draw‘I was pretty tense about this mural’ he said ‘You know, portraying someone like Pasolini… and, moreover, in a location like this one’ he added, pointing to the ruins of the Mira Lanza factory in the beautiful, post-industrial yard of Teatro India.

‘Well, you nailed it!’ I replied in my over-enthusiastic voice.

‘I guess so… I mean, now I’m satisfied with the result, but you should’ve seen me when I was approaching the job: I was so nervous!’

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Alterazioni Festival: interview with the staff

Alterazioni festival interview
Last year I published a post about my graffiti hunt in Arcidosso, a medieval village near Grosseto (Tuscany). As I got a great feedback on that post, I thought to share more information about this colourful summer festival, asking to the guys behind Alterazioni Festival a few questions about the project, especially regarding the street art theme.
Enjoy the interview!

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An evening with STMTS

STMTS street art athens greece
Stamatis loves Toulouse-Lautrec, Rembrandt and Dalì, but also fellow street artists such as Blu, Roa and the Greek artist Alexandros Vasmoulakis.
Walking around downtown Athens you will surely notice his paste-up works: large and colorful sketches of children’s expressive faces.
Thanks to a common friend, I had the chance to meet Stamatis while I was in Athens and we had an interesting talk about his art and the overall Athens’ street art scene.

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Savamala street art

savamala street art belgradeSo many things are happening this week, but I still keep my word and write once in a while for www.stillinbelgrade.com about how amazing Belgrade is (while I keep hoping to go back to Serbia one day, hopefully soon…).
This time I’m interviewing three street artists who repainted the Savamala neighborhood, contributing to the transformation process of this area into the most interesting neighborhood in Belgrade.

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