Top-11 pizza places in Naples #NationalPizzaDay

pizzeria i decumani pizza places naplesHappy Pizza Day! (Yes, it’s a thing).

I’m celebrating with a post I’ve meant to write for such a looong time, but it took me months of terrible research and supreme sacrifice to write it down because, when in Naples, you can’t simply say “pizza”: you have to try ‘em all. The history of pizza begins a long long time ago, but “modern pizza” developed in Naples in the 18th century when tomato was put on top of the Roman “focaccia” (flat bread).

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Co-working spaces and laptop-friendly cafes with Wi-Fi in Bristol

cafes with Wi-Fi in Bristol

Since I became a freelancer, from time to time I force myself to wash, dress, go out and work from a café or a public library, just to spend some time surrounded by other human beings.

Luckily, English people are used to working from their laptops in cafés, so it’s unusual to be hounded by passive-aggressive baristas (although that did happen to me in Bristol, you won’t find those unwelcoming places on my list). Keep reading →

Bristol for foodies

Bristol Food GuideBristol’s food scene has grown beyond the cooking styles, traditions and recipes associated with England, and its streets are pervaded by scents of so many different foods. The city surely knows how to make up for a national cuisine that isn’t so variegated, and it does so with a series of trendy bistros, old-fashioned pubs, hipster cafés and cider houses (which are so quintessentially Bristol!). These are my favourite places to eat and drink in Bristol; let me know yours in the comments area below!

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My weekend in London

weekend in LondonThe bus entered London and headed towards Victoria Coach Station passing through the area where I used to live something like 12 years ago.

‘If I made it back then in London, I can make it now in Bristol’ I thought while collecting all my stuff spread throughout the seat and texting my super auntie that I was almost there. Our family reunion in London was about to begin, and I was feeling grateful for the sunny weather and definitely excited for being back to one of my favourite places ever.

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Raise a glass to Slovenian craft beer makers

Slovenian craft beer

When I was living in Slovenia, the beer scene was made up of merely the two pale, weak, national lagers: Union, brewed in Ljubljana, and Laško, named after the town near Celje where it is produced. As I was from the Celje area as well, I was for the ‘team Laško’, which implied believing in the Slovene saying ‘you drink Laško and you pee Union’.

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Five restaurants in Rome that I’ve recently fallen in love with

Places to eat in RomeYou guys should know by now that when me and my foodie friend Elena meet up again, an ‘Eating Out’ blogpost is coming.

So, after my foodie posts from Ljubljana (Eating out in Ljubljana vol 1vol 2) and a couple of reviews dating back to her previous visit to Rome (Pastificio San LorenzoMazzo Centocelle), here are the restaurants that we tried together on her latest visit.

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Lisbon for foodies

lisbon food guideNow I can confess that I was initially a bit concerned about Portuguese cuisine. Truth is I’m not that into fish, especially codfish, and I thought this would  sentenced me to starvation. Portuguese cuisine isn’t Mediterranean at all; I couldn’t find all those fresh, seasonal vegetables that are always present on Mediterranean tables in summer. Instead, Portuguese dishes come with either potatoes or salad and the menu is relatively restricted to an Atlantic sustenance, hence the ubiquitous fish (Portugal has Europe’s highest fish consumption per capita, and it is ranked among the top four countries worldwide for this indicator). I did love Portuguese food, though… especially the wide variety of cheeses, made from sheep’s, goats’ or cows’ milk.

And a special mention goes to Portuguese wines: I drank several, all at a very reasonable prices.

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Athens for foodies

Athens Foodie Guide
From the very heart of the Mediterranean basin, Greek cuisine is made up of a wide variety of dishes mirroring the long history, the variegated landscape and the crossroads’ nature of this country. From my personal experience in Athens Greek cuisine is full of meat (it was literally everywhere!) as traditional fish dishes are more likely to be found on the islands, vegetables and tasty savory pies (tyropita –the one with cheese- and spanakopita –filled with spinach- a.k.a. the Greek version on my beloved Balkan burek). Wandering around downtown Athens you will find plenty of nice restaurants, taverns and cafés: here is a selection of my favourite ones!
Καλή σας όρεξη!
Enjoy your meal!

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Eating out in Ljubljana – VOL. 2

eating out in ljubljana slovenia food restaurants
The whole point of this short trip to Ljubljana I just had was a reunion with two of my former housemates from my EVS time in Slovenske Konjice (Eastern Slovenia), two girls I kept being in touch during the following years and with whom -back then- I instantly had a special bound based on our common passion for food –hence our trio nickname “trije prašički” (the three little pigs, as those from the fairy tale). And so, as you can easily guess, our trije prašički’s reunion in Ljubljana revolved mostly around food :-)

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