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by Giulia Blocal


Although at first you will simply be astonished by Ghent’s historic buildings and its charming cobbled streets, it won’t take too long to spot some street art in Ghent. Unlike many other cities, Ghent’s street art legacy first developed from the bottom-up, rooted in the passion of local artists and their connections to international artists whom they invited to paint. Eventually, more structured projects arose, like the street art festival Sorry Not Sorry and the street art agency Wallin’.

More off-the-beaten path spots in Ghent:

  • Belgian craft beers at DOK
  • Studio BamBam
  • More craft beers at Brouwbar
  • Jigger’s, the cocktail bar owned by street artist Resto
  • MIAT, the Industry Museum
  • Museum Dr. Guislain, the Psychiatry Museum
  • Sint-Amandsberg Cemetery
  • Contemporary Art at the Herbert Foundation
  • The Cultural Center Kapow
  • The print center for creative people TOPO Copy

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