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Cagliari Map

by Giulia Blocal


The proximity to some of the most famous beaches in the world may have made Cagliari famous, but the capital town of Sardinia offers so much more than unspoiled coastlines and postcard-pretty landscapes. In fact, in this lively student city there is no lack of a busy street art and graffiti scene. Did you know that some of the most internationally renowned Italian street artists are from Sardinia?

More cool things to see in Cagliari:

  • The Poetto beach
  • The Monumental Cemetery of Bonaria
  • The Natural Park of Molentargius, with its resident colony of flamingos
  • San Benedetto Food Market
  • Florio, Cagliari’s hipster bar
  • The Ghetto degli Ebrei terrace
  • Sa Manifattura, cultural space inside a former factory

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