Abandoned places in Rome

abandoned places in rome urbex romaThere is this thing with visiting places that are in your town: procrastination. It’s like the paradox of arriving late if you live close-by. I’ve simply begun accepting it, looking to enjoy some local explorations and keep the focus on a place that I thought I knew rather well. And so, here are four long-put-off urban explorations in Rome –and another similar post is coming soon. How soon, we’ll see. Keep reading →

Goli Otok: the abandoned prison on the island

Goli Otok abandoned prison Croatia

The journey from Stinica port to Rab island was a short one, but then we had to take one more boat to get to Goli Otok, the island that was the site of the only gulag in Europe, a top-secret political prison in use from 1949 to 1989 and where Tito sent all those who sided with URSS after the break-up between himself and Stalin. In nearly forty years, thousands of Croatian were killed on the false assumption of ‘Stalinism’.

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Abandoned Piedmont – VOL. 1

abandoned vercelli urbex italyThe former mental asylum is just one of the abandoned highlights that you can explore in the province of Vercelli and, as it is pretty complicated to get in, it’s wise to go there with a plan B (and C, and D). Here is what I visited during my two trips to Vercelli, until I finally managed to enjoy a tour of the abandoned asylum: a stunning example of industrial archaeology, a ghost town with some frescoed villas and the former pulmonology hospital, now well-known for being the setting of several ghost-stories.

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Abandoned Veneto – VOL. 1

Abandoned places in veneto italyAfter exploring the most underrated islands in the Venetian lagoon, I still had a couple of days left in Veneto and that’s when the most adventurous part of the trip began. I finally had the chance to go to Poveglia, the haunted island of the lagoon, and in the following days I also visited an abandoned industrial site, a derelict amusement park, a neglected villa and a former seminary. Enjoy the report and let me know what other abandoned places in Veneto are worth a visit: I might go back soon!

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Abandoned Lombardy – VOL. 1

Abandoned places in Lombardy ItalyIf you have been following me on Instagram, you might have noticed that right before Christmas I went to the north of Italy together with a couple of friends from Turkey. Our ‘abandoned north tour’ took in Lombardy and Piedmont (coming soon!), which are the westernmost regions in northern Italy. We visited abandoned factories, ghost towns, former mental asylums and more locations, all of which featured in my latest urbex video (check it out!). Here are the abandoned places we saw in Lombardy:

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The beautiful Mavrovo Park and its surroundings

mavrovo macedonia

After my best friend’s big, fat, Balkan wedding and a few days wandering around Skopje, the time arrived to explore the rest of the country. So I rented a car, swore for a good 20 minutes imagining a whole week on the (Balkan) roads without an automatic drive and finally took to the ‘Mother Teresa’ highway. Next stop: Mavrovo National Park.

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Abandoned Lazio – VOL. 2

abandoned places in LazioAbandoned places in the Province of Frosinone

It’s been a while since I promised you a second volume of my Abandoned places in Lazio series, but –at last- I’ve explored the area in the province of Frosinone, finding three ghost towns and one abandoned paper factory. The greatest feature of these three ghost towns is that they all overlook a beautiful valley, which made me wonder why someone would ever have left that panoramic position. This was before reaching them by driving along the steepest and most uneven hill roads ever, which -eventually- made everything perfectly clear. ;-)

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