The Lion Sleeps Tonight: Exploring the Abandoned Zoo in Turin

abandoned zoo TurinBack in the days when I lived in Turin, I went along to several parties. One particular one stood out. I don’t remember the name of the venue, only that everybody referred to it as “at the zoo”. From what I can see now by peeking through the rusty gate on Corso Casale, the alternative club where I partied is permanently closed, like all the other shacks dotting the 25,000 sqm area of Turin’s ex-zoo.

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IBUG Story #1: the abandoned factory comes to life

IBUG 2017 Even if I arrived only two days ago, the abandoned factory VEB Spezialmaschinenfabrik has already changed a lot.

I remember the first-day feeling of walking on glass debris while venturing into the empty belly of the whale and through its dark bowels.

When the afternoon light entering from the broken panes and cutting diagonally the air was the most tangible thing in a room.

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Abandoned Places in Israel

abandoned places israelThe best part of this travel blogging thing is actually the one you don’t see. It’s getting in touch with like-minded people all over the world, meeting on the road and learning about respective cultures and countries. One year ago, I got an email from Alex (who, btw, is a tour guide at While looking for some recommendations in the Cilento area, he stumbled upon my blog. He subscribed to the newsletter and when he read that I was heading to Israel, he made himself available to go on an adventure with me. An urbex adventure ☺

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Big Berry Slovenia: Experiencing Bela Krajina Through the Five Senses

big berry slovenia Slovenia has no more secrets for me. Ha. However, I knew the rural area of Bela Krajina lesser than other regions. Except for a few times when I drove across it heading to Zagreb, I hadn’t been in Novo Mesto and its surroundings since Rock Otočec 2008. And even if I still hang on truly, madly, dearly to the memories of that crazy weekend, nine years later I’m trading mud wrestling for the charm of a landscape resort –Big Berry– nestled into this unspoilt corner of Slovenia.

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Abandoned places in Rome

abandoned places in rome urbex romaThere is this thing with visiting places that are in your town: procrastination. It’s like the paradox of arriving late if you live close-by. I’ve simply begun accepting it, looking to enjoy some local explorations and keep the focus on a place that I thought I knew rather well. And so, here are four long-put-off urban explorations in Rome –and another similar post is coming soon. How soon, we’ll see. Keep reading →

Goli Otok: the abandoned prison on the island

Goli Otok abandoned prison Croatia

The journey from Stinica port to Rab island was a short one, but then we had to take one more boat to get to Goli Otok, the island that was the site of the only gulag in Europe, a top-secret political prison in use from 1949 to 1989 and where Tito sent all those who sided with URSS after the break-up between himself and Stalin. In nearly forty years, thousands of Croatian were killed on the false assumption of ‘Stalinism’.

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