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Be Local in Amsterdam: Exploring Vogelbuurt with Alex

The first time I visited Amsterdam, Alex invited me to join one of his street art tours and review it on the blog. We became friends and, when I moved to Amsterdam, he was the first person I reached out to. Eventually, we also got to work together -albeit shortly- since Alex is now in charge of the guided tours of the street art museum STRAAT, where I worked during the 2 years leading towards the opening. 

Thanks to Alex (Alltournative) for this lovely walk around his neighbourhood!

Vogelbuurt (Amsterdam Noord) > Locations in this video:

  • Al Ponte
  • Dok du Nord (unfortunately, this café hasn’t survived the corona crisis)
  • De Valk
  • Simon de Wit
  • Chateau (urban winery)
  • Skate Café

Vogelbuurt (Amsterdam Noord) > My personal favorites:

  • Walhalla Brewery
  • Oedipus Brewery
  • Jumbo (I know, it’s odd to list a supermarket, but trust me on that!)
  • Hero gallery

Check out my google map for more cool spots in Amsterdam!

Alternative Amsterdam map
Trust me, it’s way easier if you download my Google map!

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