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Announcing the media partnership with IBUG urban art festival

Ibug urban art festivalAfter the unexpected first half of my summer in Malta between teenagers and boat parties, it’s about time to get some work done and behave as a professional street art blogger.

Festival season is about to begin and my 2017 schedule is already pretty hectic -but I’m going to take the lid off my summer plans one festival at a time. ;)

The first urban art festival I’m attending is IBUG in Chemnitz (Germany).

IBUG takes place in a different Saxony’s abandoned industrial building each summer. This year, it’s taking over a former meat machine factory called “VEB Spezialmaschinen”, which was built in 1889 by the Unger brothers.


Besides street art, graffiti, illustrations, installations, murals and multimedia projects, IBUG is also music, industrial archaeology, small conferences (this year’s main theme will be the creative exploitation of brownfields), movies and an art market. And beer.

Ibug urban art festival

Ph. Patrick Richter


  • Tasso (Meerane)
  • Quintessenz (Berlin)
  • Kera (Berlin)
  • Guido Zimmermann (Frankfurt)
  • Zonenkinder (Hamburg)
  • Hifi (Dortmund)
  • Julia Humpfer (Stuttgart)
  • Nespoon (Poland)
  • Chromeo (Switzerland)
  • Taina (Switzerland)
  • Madame Moustache (France)
  • BenjAMIN Duquenne (France)
  • Sanne Maloe Slecht (Netherlands)
  • ZZNNArt (Netherlands)
  • Koctel (Spain)
  • Necko (Spain)
  • Koz Dos (Italy)
  • Luca di Maggio (Italy)
  • Kid Crayon (Great Britain)
  • Wasp Elder (Great Britain)
  • Malarko (Great Britain)
  • Dima Fatum (Ukraine)
  • Maria Uvarova (Ukraine)
  • Said Dokins (Mexico)
  • Eva Bracamontes (Mexico)
  • Stephen Swartz (USA)
  • Wartin Pantois (Canada)
  • Robolito (Brazil)
Ibug urban art festival

Ph. Patrick Richter

I will be there from August the 18th to cover the making-of, get some behind-the-scenes photos and hopefully end up in one of those surreal situations that have always been at the core of my weird interviews with street artists.

So, from August the 18th check out Blocal’s Instagram account for daily stories, vlogs and pics from IBUG festival and follow Blocal’s Facebook page to check out the daily progress of each mural and read my reportages from the street art festival.

I’m planning to publish a post on the street art section of the blog every other day, so that you will feel as if you were with me inside the IBUG abandoned factory!

…It’s an ambitious plan, I know, but I promise I will do my best to stick to it! ☺

Ibug urban art festival

Ph. Patrick Richter


Website: http://www.ibug-art.de

25th to 27th of August & 1st to 3rd of September

SPEMAFA – former VEB Spezialmaschinenfabrik

Lerchenstraße 12, 09111 Chemnitz

Opening hours: Fridays from 3 pm, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am

Beer garden: Fridays and Saturdays from 7 pm

Admission: 7 Euro per day, 5 Euro reduced price

Festival ticket for the whole weekend: 10 Euro


To my lovely fellow street art bloggers: if you wanna get daily pictures from IBUG festival straight into your inbox, just drop me a line and I will be happy to share my photos with you! I already know that I will take tons of pictures: I’m pretty sure there will be enough coverage for everyone! ;)





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