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Street Art News – New Mural by Eron in Rimini (IT)

Eron mural in Rimini protest graffiti monna lisa parco 25 aprile

New mural by Eron in Rimini, Italy

This mural by Italian street artist Eron was made in protest of the buffing of several old-school graffiti pieces that were painted during the graffiti jam “Indelebile”, which took place in Rimini in 1994. The guests of the elderly center nearby, who are responsible of covering the graffiti with grey paint, might have seen them as an expression of vandalism, but Eron (who had a long and respectful career as a graffiti writer, before becoming an exceptional street artist) ensures that they had important historical significance.

Yet another protest against a “cleaning operation” that raises the urgency for a municipal committee which would work towards the valorisation of street art and graffiti art, taking into account their artistic and cultural value, rather than supporting the municipality’s delusion of fixing “problematic areas” by applying grey paint on a wall.

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