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by Giulia Blocal


Sightseeing in downtown Sofia can be very fast: not because there is nothing to see (Sofia’s heritage includes Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman remains), but because all the historical buildings are a short walking distance from each other. 

Instead, if you venture off-the-beaten path, you will discover that the town is not so small as it seems: Sofia’s outskirts are wide but, if you are looking for street art, your exploration should start from the Hazdhi Dimitar neighbourhood, a district of grey, blocky Soviet architecture with huge concrete buildings whose sides were painted by local and international street artists during the Urban Creatures Festival, an urban art festival which begun in 2011.

More cool places outside Sofia’s city centre:

  • The Central Sofia Cemetery
  • The Lady’s Market
  • The Boris’ Garden
  • The hipster neighbourhood of Sredets (a.k.a. the “small five corners”)
  • The Museum of Socialist Art
  • The Soviet Buildings of the Mladost district

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