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Walking along the river Dora

My new, amazing, job came with a new time-schedule and I had to adapt to a complete different way of organizing my own time. It also challenged my (anti)social life and I’m usually very tired when I go to sleep, but today I decided to break this lazy path to self-destruction, get out of bed and enjoy a walk in the sunshine. First I went to take some pictures to a graffiti area I’ve always seen in the moonlight –and always made a resolution to come back in broad daylight.

From there I crossed the Dora river and I started following its path, from that inlet which flows through a very central area of the town up to the outer fringes of the city, and then towards the open country. While walking the river towards the end of the town, I saw the buildings getting from medium-sized residential blocks to higher council houses, and then to smaller country houses surrounded by kitchen gardens and guarded by barking dogs. I crossed the natural park of Colletta taking pictures without focusing on anything in particular but trying to get a fragment of that stream of consciousness especially overflowing when I walk alone for such a long time. I went past the hydroelectric power station and, after admiring the sunset, I went back into the hinterland to discover the nostalgic taste of an area which seems the film set of a movie from the Fifties. The evening was warm, the red sky was amazing and with that bittersweet feeling of the incoming spring I walked until that moment when the enthusiasm for the open country shifts into fear of getting lost, that moment when the pleasure of contemplating the nature and the sound of birds is over and you start wishing to hear the familiar sound of traffic again. And then, just a five-minutes walk from the frontiers of fear, I found a bus stop. 

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