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Welcome to Blocal blog, a home for independent travellers.

I am Giulia and I blog about unconventional destinations, abandoned places, street art, outskirts, urban landscapes, weird spots and basically all the places I happen to visit and become very enthusiastic about.


Who am I?
The most amazing experience I’ve had was living in Slovenia for two years. It was then that I became addicted to the Balkan countries, a destination you are going to find often on this blog. I had already lived abroad before (in London, in Madrid and in Dublin), but somehow my life kept to being linked back to Rome, as I had to come back regularly to attend my exams at the University.

Slovenia was different.

I wasn’t simply “currently-living-elsewhere”, but able to reshape my own idea of belonging, and I discovered something very important about myself: I don’t want to live a life always in the same place, doing the same thing. What I want is to be forever on the move.

Why do I do what I do?
I collect my travel stories on-line to help fellow independent travellers discover some curious and unconventional spots, which they won’t find in travel guides, to share my emotions and point of view on a destination and to inspire people to travel off the beaten path.

Where will all this bring me?
I quit my desk job to do this instead. My life-goal is to be location independent, even if I end up spending most of the year in Rome. It’s a matter of principle: I want to feel free to jump on a flight whenever I wish.

How can we stay in touch?

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