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January 1 – 6: Unveil Paris’ Hidden Urban Art with Me!

by Giulia Blocal

Embark on an Extraordinary Journey to Discover Offbeat Paris

Are you ready to kick off the New Year with an unforgettable adventure? Join me for an intimate and unconventional exploration of Paris that goes beyond the ordinary. Let’s celebrate our shared passions for street art, offbeat travel, and wonder as we dive into the heart of the city’s vibrant urban art scene.

About the Experience:

  • When: 1st – 6th January 2024
  • Where: The dynamic streets of Paris and beyond.
  • Duration: 6 experiences (promenades) of 6,5 hours each, from 10:30 AM to 5 PM.

  • Early Bird Registration until November 15th: 130€ per person + 4% taxes.
  • Price (after November 15th): 150€ per person + 4% taxes.
  • Book for multiple days and enjoy additional savings!
Dface street art in Paris

What Awaits You

Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds. This isn’t your typical group trip – it’s an opportunity to experience Paris in your own unique way while connecting with a like-minded community of travelers. Here’s what you can expect:

Discover Urban Art Gems: Explore renowned and hidden neighborhoods that pulse with street art. Uncover the stories behind the vibrant murals and expressions that color the city’s walls.

Meet Local Artists: Venture into the studios of local street artists, hear their stories, and witness their creative processes up close.

Gallery & Museum Visits: Immerse yourself in urban art exhibitions at specialized galleries and museums. Gain insights into the diverse expressions of the Parisian urban art scene.

Alternative Spaces: Dive into the heart of alternative culture by visiting intriguing and lesser-known creative spaces.

Cultural Connections: Engage with the many faces of Parisian culture that often escape the tourist trail. Experience the city like a true local.

Hidden Gems Exploration: Wander off the beaten path to uncover Paris’ best-kept secrets and lesser-known treasures.

Epicurean Delights: Indulge in the pleasures of French cuisine and savor the richness of local flavors. Enjoy exquisite wines and culinary delights.

An Exclusive Opportunity: But here’s what truly sets this experience apart – this is not a “group tour” where you follow the herd like typical tourists. Instead, you’re invited to join me as I conduct in-depth research for Blocal’s street art blog. Participants will have the unique chance to explore sights with me, be the first to benefit from my meticulously curated offbeat travel itineraries, and peek behind the scenes of the Blocal project.

Book Your Spot

  • Early Bird Registrations (before November 15th): 130€ per person + 4% taxes
  • Special Discount: Book for multiple days and enjoy additional savings!

The Promenades

(Scroll down for detailed daily itineraries)

  1. Beyond Paris: Versailles & Vitry-sur-Seine (January 1st)
  2. The City Center: Le Marais, Oberkampf, and a must-see street art exhibition (January 2nd)
  3. Off the Grid: Ménilmontant, Belleville, and an urban art center just outside the city (January 3rd)
  4. Artists’ Studio Visits (January 4th)
  5. Along the Canals: Canal de Saint Denis, Canal de L’Ourcq, and a former factory turned street art temple (January 5th)
  6. Across the City: From Butte aux Cailles to Montmartre (January 6th)

Information about the studio visits will be disclosed by the end of November.

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inti street art in paris

A Detailed Look at The Promenades

  1. Beyond Paris: Versailles & Vitry-sur-Seine.

When: Monday, January 1st | From 10:30 AM to 5 PM

Our journey begins in the captivating town of Versailles, where we’ll bypass the typical tourist crowds queuing for the castle and instead seek out murals crafted by renowned urban artists like Eron, Aryz, and Telmo Miel.

After enjoying a delightful lunch, our next destination will be Vitry-sur-Seine, a suburb of Paris famous for its diverse collection of urban art, which includes everything from posters to stunning large-scale murals. Vitry-sur-Seine boasts hundreds of urban artworks scattered throughout the town, and we’ll thoroughly explore this charming enclave.

  1. The City Center: Le Marais, Oberkampf, and a must-see Street Art Exhibition.

When: Tuesday, January 2nd | From 10:30 AM to 5 PM

We’ll meet in the vibrant Le Marais neighborhood, where a captivating array of urban artworks eagerly await our exploration. From intricate stencils and street interventions to awe-inspiring large-scale murals, we’ll immerse ourselves in the pioneering works of the French street art movement.

Our artistic journey in this neighborhood will not only encompass street art but also unveil a hidden treasure—a diptych by Keith Haring discreetly nestled within a local church. Additionally, we’ll visit several art galleries representing international urban artists and uncover a fascinating collection of ghost signs that tell intriguing stories of the past. In case of inclement weather, we have the option to take shelter inside a charming bookshop that also doubles as an art gallery.

After a delicious Raclette meal, we’ll pay a visit to the iconic Le M.U.R. Oberkampf. This renowned wall gets painted over by a well-known urban artist every three weeks. And this is just the beginning of our Oberkampf adventure!

Later on, we’ll have the privilege of being welcomed by graffiti expert and curator, Christian Omodeo, at his legendary bookshop Le Grand Jeu, which specializes in street culture books and magazines. Christian will also provide insight into the unmissable street art exhibition curated by himself and titled “Street art, de la rue aux écrans. L’art urbain à l’ère numérique,” which we’ll visit afterwards. 

  1. Off the Grid: Ménilmontant, Belleville, and an urban art center just outside the city.

When: Wednesday, January 3rd | From 10:30 AM to 5 PM

Our rendezvous will be in a charming, tourist-free area in the 20th district, a tranquil haven surrounded by lush greenery. From here, we’ll embark on a journey to uncover the unique street art of Ménilmontant, a neighborhood known for its vibrant creations by local artists.

In addition to our street art exploration, we’ll meander through a famous cemetery of monumental significance and stroll along the tracks of an abandoned railway, a nostalgic relic of days gone by, whose graffiti is still very present. 

Following a Vietnamese lunch in the multicultural neighborhood of Belleville, we’ll delve into the local street art scene, treat ourselves to an unusual view of the Eiffel Tower, and immerse ourselves in a quaint enclave of 19th-century Parisian cottages—a true hidden gem.

Afterwards, we’ll hop onto the metro to get to an exhibition space located just beyond the city limits, exclusively dedicated to the world of urban art.

  1. Artists’ Studio Visits: To Be Confirmed.

When: Thursday January 4th

I’m considering making Thursday primarily about visiting artists’ studios and exploring various cafes. Please inform me if you’re interested in joining the studio visits and if there are specific artists you’d like to meet. Alternatively, if you’d prefer an extra day of exploration, that’s also an option. Let’s keep Thursday open to possibilities for now and decide together.

  1. Along the Canals: Canal de Saint Denis, Canal de L’Ourcq, and a former factory turned street art temple.

When: Friday January 5th | From 10:30 AM to 5 PM

Our adventure will kick off at Stalingrad, where an iconic hall of fame played a pivotal role in Paris’ graffiti movement during the 1980s. From there, we’ll uncover the mesmerizing world of street art along the Canal de Saint Denis and Canal de L’Ourcq

Along the way, we’ll traverse a surreal realm of brutalist architecture, explore futuristic urban structures, and stumble upon a hidden vineyard that’s nothing short of enchanting.

If the weather takes a turn for the worse, we’ll have the delightful option to seek refuge within the splendid cultural art center, Centquatre.

Lunchtime will be a unique experience inside a former station covered with graffiti, and later, we’ll make our way to Aubervilliers by strolling along the so-called Street Art Avenue of Paris.

Finally, we’ll step into a complex of former factories that have served as a canvas for street artists and graffiti writers over the years.

  1. Across the City: From Butte aux Cailles to Montmartre.

When: Saturday January 6th | From 10:30 AM to 5 PM

Our day will commence in Butte aux Cailles, an enchanting French countryside enclave nestled within the city’s embrace. This picturesque neighborhood boasts not only vibrant street art but also showcases captivating art-deco architecture and meandering cobblestone streets. From here, we’ll embark on a journey towards Paris’ most renowned urban art district, basking in the grandeur of XXL murals and visiting its leading art galleries

Our itinerary will include a visit to a remarkable industrial space that was squatted by artists in the 1960s, where we’ll lunch at one of the hidden cafés nestled amidst a tapestry of street art. Continuing our mural-hunting adventure, we’ll take a pause for tea within the splendid Mosque of Paris

Afterward, we’ll hop on the metro and make our way to Montmartre. Here, we’ll immerse ourselves in the area’s captivating street art, meander through the iconic Montmartre Cemetery, pay a visit to an artistic community that has quietly thrived since the mid-1800s, and culminate our day with a delightful stop at an urban winery.

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What’s Not Included

  • Visas
  • Travel insurance (recommended)
  • Flights to and from Paris
  • Local transport (we’ll make use of public transport)
  • Accommodation
  • Meals & beverages

Cancellation Policy

  • Full refund up to 50 days prior to departure
  • 50% refund up to 50 hours prior to departure
  • No refund within 50 hours of departure
Keith Haring "Life of Christ" altar triptych, Paris. Keith Haring "Life of Christ" altar triptych, Église Saint-Eustache, Paris.
Not only street art! We’ll also uncover hidden gems like Keith Haring’s “Life of Christ” altar triptych at the Église Saint-Eustache.

Ready to Dive In?

Embrace the spirit of adventure and exploration as we venture into the heart of offbeat Paris. Secure your spot today and get ready to uncover the city’s hidden treasures, connect with local artists, and create lasting memories with fellow explorers.

The streets of Paris are waiting – are you in?

Book Your Offbeat Paris Adventure Now! Send an email to giulia (at) blocal-travel.com