Abandoned Places in Israel

abandoned places israelThe best part of this travel blogging thing is actually the one you don’t see. It’s getting in touch with like-minded people all over the world, meeting on the road and learning about respective cultures and countries. One year ago, I got an email from Alex (who, btw, is a tour guide at israelwithalex.com). While looking for some recommendations in the Cilento area, he stumbled upon my blog. He subscribed to the newsletter and when he read that I was heading to Israel, he made himself available to go on an adventure with me. An urbex adventure ☺

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Abandoned places in Rome

abandoned places in rome urbex romaThere is this thing with visiting places that are in your town: procrastination. It’s like the paradox of arriving late if you live close-by. I’ve simply begun accepting it, looking to enjoy some local explorations and keep the focus on a place that I thought I knew rather well. And so, here are four long-put-off urban explorations in Rome –and another similar post is coming soon. How soon, we’ll see. Keep reading →

Abandoned Piedmont – VOL. 1

abandoned vercelli urbex italyThe former mental asylum is just one of the abandoned highlights that you can explore in the province of Vercelli and, as it is pretty complicated to get in, it’s wise to go there with a plan B (and C, and D). Here is what I visited during my two trips to Vercelli, until I finally managed to enjoy a tour of the abandoned asylum: a stunning example of industrial archaeology, a ghost town with some frescoed villas and the former pulmonology hospital, now well-known for being the setting of several ghost-stories.

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Abandoned Lazio – VOL. 2

abandoned places in LazioAbandoned places in the Province of Frosinone

It’s been a while since I promised you a second volume of my Abandoned places in Lazio series, but –at last- I’ve explored the area in the province of Frosinone, finding three ghost towns and one abandoned paper factory. The greatest feature of these three ghost towns is that they all overlook a beautiful valley, which made me wonder why someone would ever have left that panoramic position. This was before reaching them by driving along the steepest and most uneven hill roads ever, which -eventually- made everything perfectly clear. ;-)

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Abandoned Lazio – VOL. 1

abandoned places in Lazio Italy

Abandoned places in the province of Viterbo

When I was a child, I used to spend all my summer holidays at my grandparents’ house in
When I was a child, I used to spend all my summer holidays at my grandparents’ house in Nepi, a little village near Viterbo (Lazio). For three long –and somehow exhausting- months my whole world was relegated to the house’s garden; obviously I didn’t like to go to the countryside, because once there I was trapped and I remember I was always longing for some car-equipped adult to bring me outside the place, even if only to do the grocery at the village.

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Abandoned Tuscany – VOL. 1

abandoned places in Tuscany Italy
There are so many abandoned places in Tuscany that I would have never managed to visit all of them in one week, and so I picked the three which were most likely along my itinerary (Volterra – Siena – Pisa) and consider it one more reason to come back soon.
And so this time I visited the ghost towns of Poggio Santa Cecilia (SI), Buriano (PI) and Villa Saletta (PI), all three charmingly suspended within another dimension, but obviously I’ve already made a bucket list with more abandoned places in Tuscany waiting to be explored.

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Monterano ghost town and more highlights from the Roman countryside

Monterano ghost town, Lazio, Italy

After the 30th, any birthday comes with a mixed feeling of both being excited to be at the centre of your loved ones’ attention and disappointment about what you thought you would have accomplished by that age.

My 30something friends agreed to add a spoonful of sugar to any bittersweet anniversary by organising out-of-town celebrations.

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