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Manchester Map

by Giulia Blocal


Most of Manchester’s street art can be spotted around the Northern Quarter, home of the urban art festival City of Hope. Once the center of the cotton industry, Manchester’s Northern Quarter is the hipster heaven of the city and the best place to find some great street art. 

More cool areas and spots to see in Manchester: 

  • The Gay Village
  • The Ancoats area (a bit gentrified but worth a visit)
  • Matt & Phreds Jazz Club
  • A visit to the Robinsons Brewery in Stockport
  • Strolling along Beech Road, an independent street packed with shops, restaurants, and bars
  • The multicultural neighbourhood of Levenshulme
  • A cup of tea at the vintage shop “Antiques Village”
  • The art studio and co-working space Wellington House

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