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Thessaloniki Map

by Giulia Blocal


Mainland Greece is totally underrated, especially the student city of Thessaloniki, the Balkan capital of Greece. Thessaloniki has been an important metropolis since the Roman period, and the second largest and wealthiest city of the Byzantine Empire. In Thessaloniki you can find several big murals, especially in the city centre, plus a lot of old school graffiti all around the town. 

More cool things to see in Thessaloniki: 

  • The Armenian Cemetery
  • The Seafront
  • The Photography Museum
  • The Rotunda Area, which is the area near the University
  • The old food market of Kapani
  • The Kalamaria Bay
  • A coffee at Little Big House
  • A drink in Valaoritou, Thessaloniki’s nightlife area.

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