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Things I like: this article about meditation apps

by Giulia Blocal

This month, for this ‘secret’ column of things I like (secret because it can be read only by Blocal’s email subscribers) I wanted to introduce you to the meditation app I’m currently using: Insight Timer. However, while writing about it, I stumbled upon this interesting article by Mike Powell titled “Meditation in the Time of Disruption“.

The author begins his research into the digital market of meditation apps with a legitimate question: can you really unplug and reset while tied to an app on your phone?

From there, he questions the western, consumerist approach to meditation and I found it a very interesting read.

“That meditation and mindfulness have entered the repertoire of global capitalism isn’t surprising: In the face of stagnant wages and an ever-deteriorating boundary between work and whatever we do outside it, why not shift the responsibility of finding peace to the individual? Put another way: Next time work makes you feel less than human, should you gently speak truth to power, or should you use mindfulness to self-regulate and maintain function in an oppressive system? And should you choose to self-regulate, are you tacitly thanking the oppressive system for giving you the tools of self-regulation to begin with? Furthermore, how much of this experience—this process of spelunking into my mind—should be comfortable and brightly colored? How much should feel good?”

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