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Art is about you. Are you about art?

After 13 years of events worldwide, the Affordable Art Fair arrived to Rome. Even if before the contemporary art market was kind of my natural habitat (I’ve been working for art galleries in Italy and abroad and I’ve also wrote my first degree diploma on this fascinating market), I’ve never had the occasion to attend to an AAF event; thus, I was pleased it was finally taking place in my town!

Since when I heard about the AAF project for the first time, I admired its ambition to renovate the contemporary art scenario, which usually is so close and stiff! Walking through its stands, you’ll discover that the contemporary art market isn’t necessarily a confined and privileged club. Instead, the AAF is fun and friendly, a place where you can simply chat with gallery managers and even gossip with them about the love affair between Alice and C215 ;-)  Such an informal atmosphere surely makes you feel comfortable and I think this “ease” will be the key to renovate a market which can’t no longer be a self serving market, since it obviously can’t sustain budding artists without giving rise to new buyers. 

Anyway… let’s talk about ART! Here a list and few links of the artists I was struck with: 
The first one who caught my attention was Pier Toffoletti with his women figures, as I’ve always imagined my future home with many paintings of (naked) women and Pier has that peculiar style I’ve been looking for so far;
Florence Hombecq (aka FLOH) with her colourful sculptures inspired by an old French cartoon;
Veronica Green’s landscapes, especially the ones inspired by street scenarios such as the one about Venice or the one with Le Sacre Coeur in Paris;


the Hackatao duo (Sergio Scalet & Nadia Squarci) with its “podmorks”;
The biggest discovery of the fair was the emerging African Art market, especially the works of Erikan Ekefrey but also other artists represented by the Kyo Noir Art Gallery

While my favourite art gallery has been (as I could have imagined before entering the fair, just reading the AAF website) “Mondo Bizzarro Gallery” with its street art collection which includes Obey, Hogre and my beloved C215 – who recently posted on his fb page the picture of a work which perfetly suits the closure of this post about Affortable Contemporary Art:

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