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Things I like: This tiny floating farm in Canada

by Giulia Blocal

This bright-coloured, floating farm built by a Canadian couple of artists. They live on it and spend their day sculpting, carving and making candles. 


Some people might just be a little bit more creative than others when it comes to breaking away from mainstream society. Wayne Adams and his wife Catherine King decided to make their own utopia a floating one, tucked into an inlet of the Clayoqout Sound off Vancouver Island, an hour upstream from the closest town. And as you can see, these guys are doing alright…

Welcome to “The Bower”, located in an appropriately named, Freedom Cove. This place consists of fourteen individual greenhouses and various outhouses and a two-story house where the couple live, all tethered and buoyed together by some fish farm floats.

Wayne began building this little wonderland in 1992 and ever since, he and Catherine have been making their living here sculpting, carving, making candles and maintaining their floating farm, which on an average year harvests 25 different vegetables, 18 types of herbs, 6 fruit trees, berries and edible flowers.”


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