Why you should visit Ohrid in winter

Ohrid in winterThe Ottoman houses on the shore of the lake are veiled in the morning mist, as if they were white ghosts against a blanket of white. This enveloping whiteness hovers over the wooden boats scattered around the lake and swallows the crown of houses ranged around it. Nevertheless, I know how beautiful the view is, having seen countless postcard-perfect pictures of this UNESCO-listed lake, which is one of the oldest in the world. Keep reading →

Upfest 2016: Interview with Fin Dac

interview with fin dac
We are accused of gentrification so often now, as if it’s our fault” – Fin Dac

As we sat down at what –since then- has become the pub where I had a beer with Fin Dac, my first instinct was to ask him about the unglorious side of street art, a.k.a. gentrification, as his old piece in Rome (Quadraro neighbourhood) was vandalized several times by a “fiercly resistant” local.

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Top-11 pizza places in Naples #NationalPizzaDay

pizzeria i decumani pizza places naplesHappy Pizza Day! (Yes, it’s a thing).

I’m celebrating with a post I’ve meant to write for such a looong time, but it took me months of terrible research and supreme sacrifice to write it down because, when in Naples, you can’t simply say “pizza”: you have to try ‘em all. The history of pizza begins a long long time ago, but “modern pizza” developed in Naples in the 18th century when tomato was put on top of the Roman “focaccia” (flat bread).

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Where to find Banksy murals in Bristol

banksy murals in bristolI won’t write an introduction to Banksy’s street art. You all know who Banksy is, at least as much as you don’t know who Banksy is. Unless you are from Bristol; in that case, I’m sure you have a Banksy story to share with street art bloggers like me, perhaps about the time you were hanging out together in Easton. I heard so many Banksy stories all over the summer and, although none of them helped me figure out the identity of the guy (and –honestly- I don’t even care about it), they all highlighted a fundamental point: whoever Banksy is, Bristol is incredibly proud of him.

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As seen on the streets of Stavanger: a street art guide

Maismenos nuart stavanger street art guideAs one more year passed by, I found myself thinking about my happiest moments from 2016 and –undoubtedly- attending the legendary Nuart street art festival in Stavanger (Norway) was one of them.

Apart from a couple of interviews (with Axel Void and Henrik Uldalen), I still haven’t told you anything about that amazing experience, although you might have seen my round-up of outdoor and indoor murals and my recap of Nuart Plus academic conferences on I Support Street Art, the website I was representing at the festival.

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Nuart 2016: interview with Henrik Uldalen

Henrik Uldalen nuart Stavanger

“Nice job you have” he said, lighting up a cigarette while walking towards me.

“Your job is likewise amazing” I replied, pointing to the couple cuddling in the darkness that was taking shape on the long wall of a derelict building in the industrial area of Stavanger.

“Well, I’d loved to be a food critique and eat my way around the world. But I ended up painting.”

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Mahdia’s cemetery: the graveyard by the sea

Mahdia cemetery tunisia

Standing at the end of the small peninsula of Mahdia, at the foot of the Turkish stronghold Borj El-Kebir, the white graves follow one another towards the turquoise sea and they all point in the same direction, which is the direction of Mecca.

The Mahdia cemetery was founded in the 10th century, which is when the Arabs arrived in the village, and it is still in use.

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